Who is afraid of gender?

Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley

«It was curious and disturbing to me to find that gender was something presented as a destructive power in various political public discourses; I’ve never thought of gender as possessing a destructive power, so I had to reflect on what is it that’s actually being feared when gender is said to be destructive. My hypothesis is that the term ‘gender’ has attracted an array of anxiety and fears that emerge from several sources, including economic and ecological conditions.» Così Judith Butler ha aperto l’intervento in cui ha analizzato le origini, i motivi e le forme della paura del gender che anima singoli individui e movimenti politici.

Judith Butler, filosofa e attivista politica statunitense, è docente presso il Department of Comparative Literature  della University of California, Berkeley e presso la European Graduate School.

20 ottobre 2023 | Sala Azzurra